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One of the main attractions in beaches is the gorgeous women adoring them in wonderful swimsuits. The credit must go to companies like seafolly who manufacture and sell such wonderful swimwear that makes the women wearing them look like goddesses. Peter and Yvonne Halas found seafolly in 1975 with headquarters at Sydney, Australia. Since then that have been the leading swimwear brand in Australia. Anthony Hales their son took over in late 1990’s. After the family had served almost four decades they decided to sell a majority stake to a private equity arm of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH). This has really boosted seafolly’s market and currently they have expanded outside Australia in to countries like USA and Singapore. What make them stand apart are their unique designs, comfort and the wide variety they offer and always the personal touch of a family owned business is always there. Hence it is almost a must to buy a seafolly swimwear when one is visiting the Australian beaches. Though seafolly has a wide variety to choose from one has to also be aware of what fits them well. One has to find their measurements and then choose the seafolly size that matches them and cup sizes also does matter. Find more of Seafolly at our website.

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